The principal goal of the Johann Strauss Foundation is to encourage and support young musicians from Alberta, who wish to continue and further their advanced studies of music in the cultural environment of Austria.

Board of Directors

Ms. Karin Fodor - President & Treasurer
Mr. Gordon Howell - Vice-President
Ms. Isabel Fodor - Secretary
Mr. Michael Juthner - Director at Large
Ms. Heather McClean - Director at Large
Ms. Zuzana Simurdova - Director at Large

History of the Foundation:

Founded by Edmontonians of Austrian heritage, the Johann Strauss Foundation has aimed to support advanced musical education of residents of Alberta, since its inception in 1975. The Foundation encouraged and supported young musicians through scholarships, to help them to further their musical studies in the cultural environment of Austria. From 1975 - 2009 the Foundation has awarded scholarships, grants and awards in excess of $750,000.00 to 115 musicians as well as groups such as NUOVA and the University of Alberta's Academy String Orchestra. In the spring of 2009 the Foundation presented its assets as an endowment to the Faculty of Arts at the University of Alberta. Between 2010 and 2022 another 35 Johann Strauss Foundation scholarships have been awarded, bringing the total to about $900,000.00.

Article in the publication of the "Deutschen Johann Strauss Gesellschaft" honouring the 40th Anniversary of the Johann Strauss Foundation Edmonton (pages 44-46). PDF


The Johann Strauss Foundation extends its heartfelt thanks to all past and current corporate and private sponsors, who keep our legacy alive with their ongoing, generous financial support.

How to become a sponsor or donor:

For further information about how to sponsor the annual ball or to make a tax deductible donation to the Johann Strauss Endowment, please contact us directly or get in touch with the Wirth Institute.

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